3.3 Miles, 38 Minutes


With the Gibside Night Run (my first event of the year) coming up on Saturday, I needed to get this run in my legs. I’ve got a pretty busy week ahead, so there’s a fair chance this might be the only time my faithful blue Sauconies will pound any pavement before the weekend.

It was a slog, though, in all honesty. Of the 38 minutes, 30 were spent running, although in the early stages I didn’t think I was going to manage that much. Plodding out in the cold, wind and rain with a fucker of a toothache which is awaiting a root canal on Thursday always meant this was one to endure rather than enjoy.

Still, though, slow pace and throbbing molar aside, I’m happy that I got myself out there in less than ideal circumstances and I’m looking forward to Gibside. There’s no denying I’m nowhere near peak shape or fitness yet, but it’s only a 6k, so I’ll cope, and I’m expecting it to be pretty fun.

Thanks a million to those who have very kindly sponsored me already. There’s plenty of time if you wanted to but haven’t yet managed, because sponsorship will be open all year. If you’re so inclined to chuck some money to the extremely worthy cause of Bloodwise, though, my Virgin Money Giving page is here.

MUSIC: Blood Red Shoes – Box of Secrets

3.18 Miles, 35:01 Minutes


A lot of people I know seem to prefer running in the morning, but that’s not for me. I’d much rather run after work. That’s probably a bit weird, but that’s when I’m most awake.

It means most of my runs tend to take place in the slightly incongruous setting that is the surrounding area of my workplace. It’s a strange (but kinda enjoyable) mix of riverside route and rush-hour traffic heading to and from drab business parks and industrial estates.

There’s also quite a lot of ups and downs, so it’s pretty challenging, especially when I’ve gone a couple of weeks without running (which can’t really happen again if I’m going to do this ‘year of running’ thing I’ve got planned). I’m happy enough with how tonight turned out though – reasonably brisk pace, and only 5 minutes of walking out of a total 35 minutes.

I could’ve done without the puncture I got on the drive home, mind you. Thank God for the AA (and more specifically, well done me for being too lazy to cancel the added extras on my bank account).

MUSIC: Sleater-KinneyNo Cities to Love


I guess this is a Running Blog, although it’ll probably not be a proper one with stats and paces and splits and w/e, ‘cos I’m not really a proper runner, truth be told.

I started running when I was 30, largely as a reaction to becoming a dad for the first time, realising that I was mega outta shape and not wanting that to be an obstacle to enjoying my life with my daughter.

I’m 33 and have two kids now. I’m still pretty outta shape tbh but I tick over okay and I can run around the garden and play with them like I wanted to. I’ve done three Great North Runs now, and I intend to keep running for as long as my knees will let me. (Between you, me and the Internet, I’m not convinced they’ve got many more running years left in them).

While I’m still (hopefully) able, I’ve decided to make 2017 a bit more ambitious – rather than just gearing everything up to just one event, I’m intending to do as many organised runs as I can, starting with the Gibside Night Run a week on Saturday.

Notwithstanding the fact that I’m quite looking forward to the challenge, I’m also doing all this stuff for a very serious reason. I’ll not go into major detail here, but a family friend is going through a pretty shit time health-wise and I want to show some solidarity by raising as much money as humanly possible for a charity who do great work for people affected by a horrible illness – namely, Bloodwise.

I’ve set up a fundraising page here. The more money I can raise, the less crimson-faced, neon-clad sweat-soaked selfies I’ll be subjecting you to…