I guess this is a Running Blog, although it’ll probably not be a proper one with stats and paces and splits and w/e, ‘cos I’m not really a proper runner, truth be told.

I started running when I was 30, largely as a reaction to becoming a dad for the first time, realising that I was mega outta shape and not wanting that to be an obstacle to enjoying my life with my daughter.

I’m 33 and have two kids now. I’m still pretty outta shape tbh but I tick over okay and I can run around the garden and play with them like I wanted to. I’ve done three Great North Runs now, and I intend to keep running for as long as my knees will let me. (Between you, me and the Internet, I’m not convinced they’ve got many more running years left in them).

While I’m still (hopefully) able, I’ve decided to make 2017 a bit more ambitious – rather than just gearing everything up to just one event, I’m intending to do as many organised runs as I can, starting with the Gibside Night Run a week on Saturday.

Notwithstanding the fact that I’m quite looking forward to the challenge, I’m also doing all this stuff for a very serious reason. I’ll not go into major detail here, but a family friend is going through a pretty shit time health-wise and I want to show some solidarity by raising as much money as humanly possible for a charity who do great work for people affected by a horrible illness – namely, Bloodwise.

I’ve set up a fundraising page here. The more money I can raise, the less crimson-faced, neon-clad sweat-soaked selfies I’ll be subjecting you to…

2 thoughts on “HIYA

  1. Followed.

    Great plan mate and a very worthy cause (I’ll throw some money your way at some point through the athletic season). I’m running a half marathon trail event in June (http://www.lakelandtrails.org/marathon/) so trying to get some miles in (reckoning its equivalent to about 20 miles on the flat so a bit of an upgrade from my plodding round half marathons), let’s try and coordinate a training session (or I’ll see if I can join you at one of these events perhaps).


    • Yikes – That looks pretty heavy going! I’d suggest joining you but not sure I’ll be half marathon read by then. Defo be good to catch up at one event or ‘tother. Have a look on my FB page for any runs which you fancy the look of. Open to suggestions too.


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