2 Miles, 21:14 Minutes


I’d hoped to make it out for a run last night, but after a pretty horrible visit to the dentist, it didn’t happen. As I was really keen to get out one last time before Gibside tomorrow, I went out tonight but limited myself to two miles so I didn’t take too much out of my legs.

It was a fairly textbook couple of miles. A swifter pace than I’ve managed on longer runs recently, but still nowhere near where I’m hoping to be once I build up some decent fitness. While I find it a bit frustrating being less fit than I like, I know from experience that all I need is a few decent weeks of repeated momentum to get me back in the zone.

I’m looking forward to the night run tomorrow, offset with a touch of anxiety about the prospect of 6k in the dark over hilly terrain I’m not familiar with. Still, this is the point of this year of events, pushing myself out of my comfort zone in the name of a good cause. And I’m stoked to try my head torch out, like some kind of proper outdoors person.

MUSIC: Martha – Blisters in the Pit of My Heart

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