4 Miles, 43:38 Minutes


As I hinted at the end of my last blog, it’s time for me to step up the training if I’m to have any chance of a semi-respectable display at my next race, the Cragside 10k on April 1st.

Although my legs were a little weary at first after Saturday, I’m actually really chuffed with how tonight went. Of the (almost) 44 minutes I was out tonight, only 8 of that was walking. I’m aiming to phase out (and eventually eliminate) walking breaks, because it kind of feels like cheating to be honest. At the moment, though, it’s still necessary to take a couple of minutes every 10 or so in order to preserve my legs and prolong my distance.

Factoring in my walking breaks, getting a sub-11 minute pace over four miles seems like a reasonable enough achievement, although as my training progresses over the year I’ll be looking to hover closer to the 10 minute mark – that’s about as good as it usually gets for me, even when I’m in race shape, I’m not the speediest of runners.

I’m feeling pretty good right now though. I want to get in two more runs before the week is out, because it’s really important to build on the momentum I feel like I’m starting to generate. HOWAY!

MUSIC: The Long Blondes – Someone to Drive You Home

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