3.39 Miles, 36:07 Minutes


After last week which started well and tailed off to nothing, there was no way I was going to repeat that. So, after pushing myself on Tuesday night, I’d been troughing a bunch of protein with a view to getting out again tonight and hitting a Parkrun on Saturday.

Realistically, I wasn’t likely to manage the same kind of time or distance I did on Tuesday, but I’m pretty pleased to have maintained a better pace for the time I was out there. My bid to phase out those walking breaks continued too, with only 6 minutes spent walking tonight, and that at a sharp-ish pace.

Tonight also marked the opening of entries for the Blaydon Race. I’ve never got round to sorting myself out a place before, but it’s on my (ever expanding) list of events for the year. After an interminable wait in their tantalising queue, and a few failed attempts at navigating the apparently volatile payment system, I finally secured myself a spot. I’m well stoked – It’s obviously an iconic event for the city. I might make myself a playlist for the night which consists exclusively of recordings of Blaydon Races.

Don’t forget, there’s a very good reason I’m putting myself through all this torture. More on that here.

‘Oooooohhhhh, me lads…..’

Music: Ash – 1977

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