4.12 Miles, 45.03 Minutes


After another slack week (my last run was last Friday), I really needed a good leg-stretch tonight. My second event of 2017, the Cragside 10k, is exactly a month from today, and I’m struggling to get much beyond 3.5 miles.

I was keen to at least break 4 miles tonight, and managed it reasonably comfortably. My legs felt pretty good. It was a fairly windy night too, so I’m pleased with how it turned out in the end. I could possibly have strung it out another few minutes, but I want to recover in time for a Park Run On Saturday morning.

In spite of the wind, it feels like a good time of year to be getting out there. It’s still light, so I’m dropping down to a really nice path right alongside the river. It’s  a bit of a secret treasure, tucked away right behind a pretty drab industrial estate, and I always like running it.

With a view to maxing out my events for this year, I’ve booked in two more runs as well – I was always planning on doing the Great North 10k on July 9th, so that’s finally in the bag. I’ve also booked in the Durham City 10k on July 19th. Durham’s an amazing place, so I’m looking forward to seeing what the course is like.

All the more reason to pick up the training eh? I’m hoping to break 5 miles in the next couple of weeks, and be able to do the 10k in a month with a decent bit of comfort.

Music: Martha – Courting Strong

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