3.12 Miles, 34.01 Minutes


Apparently it’s two years since I last did a Parkrun. As someone who considers themselves something of an advocate of the events, that’s shameful. It’s even worse when you consider I live five minutes drive from Saltwell Park, a beautiful place we’re lucky to have in Gateshead.

As a course, it’s pretty challenging – You might be in a gorgeous setting, but Christ, there’s some killer, leg-sapping hills. At my peak, I’ve managed a shade over 30 mins, but at the outset today I said I’d be happy enough with 34-35 minutes, and that’s how it turned out. (My official time as per my barcode was 33.57).

More than anything else, I’m just pleased to have got myself out and running on a Saturday morning. I don’t wanna be preachy, but it really is a nice start to the weekend. I’ve never been a morning runner, but maybe there’s something to be said for it. I might give it a go before work one morning (says the man with two young children who cherishes every last ounce of sleep he can wring out of his night).

I’m definitely going to try and get more Parkruns in the coming weeks. I’ve done the Newcastle one (I’m not a huge fan if I’m honest), but perhaps I’ll branch out to the exotic settings of Chester-le-Street. As my witness, dear readers (am I being optimistic pluralising you?) make sure I stick to it, will you?

By the way, thanks a ton to those of you who’ve sponsored me lately. If you’re interested in learning more about why I’m doing this to my body (aside from getting one last push out of my knees before they conk out), then you can find out here.

Music: Sleater-Kinney – One Beat 

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