3.19 Miles, 32.01 Minutes

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 11.23.37

Another Saturday morning, another Parkrun around Saltwell Park.

I’ve never been one for targets or goals or whatever, because I tend to just be led by what my legs feel in the mood for. However, at the back of my mind, I was hoping to take a minute off last week’s official time of 33.57. In the end, though, I knocked nearly two minutes off it (my official time actually matched my phone’s rough record, so it’s in the books at 32.01).

I’m pretty chuffed with that to be honest. I’ve had a reasonably heavy week of running (by current standards), and I wasn’t sure if I had a big push in me on a Saturday morning. It’s a bit weird that I apparently covered 0.09 miles more than last Saturday’s trek over the same course. Apparently I must have taken a bit more meandering route, or wider corners or whatever, but I guess I can take a bit more care on that in future if I wanna keep taking my time down.

In general at the moment, I’m feeling a lot of positive effects of stepping up my training. I’m already a bit trimmer, my legs feel stronger, and psychologically I’m feeling good. I’m still struggling to shake this nagging doubt about the limits of my physical capabilities though.

Two summers ago, I absolutely hammered my training for the Great North Run, to the point I was running 100 miles a month heading in to the event, and doing 10 minute miles over 7-8 mile distances. I know I’m still a fair distance off being able to get to that level, but in my head I’m wondering if my legs are capable of it any more. (The nagging ache in my right knee is probably why I’m thinking like this to be honest).

I imagine I’ll have a clearer idea of what my limits are going to be in the next month or so once I’ve got my first couple of 10k events out of the way. It’d be nice if I can surprise myself, but even if I can, then I guess it’s just a case of accepting my limitations. Regardless, as long as I can move my legs, there’s no way I’m backing out of what I’ve got planned for this year.

Music: Sleater-Kinney – All Hands on the Bad One

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