5 Miles, 54.07 Minutes

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 19.29.49

Running has always been a solitary endeavour for me. I’ve done the odd few runs with friends in the past, but if I’m honest I’ve always been happy enough for it to be just me, my headphones and my unfeasibly red face.

There’s been talk at work lately of a loose running social group (hereafter known as ‘Clammy Club’), and I thought it might be a nice change. It helped that nobody was pitching it as some super pumped-up protein-glugging bro thing, so after a week off with a sore knee (I know, those awkward knobbly bastards again), I figured it was a nice way to ease my legs back in with a gentle couple of miles.

Without giving much thought to distance, we ended up accidentally doing 5 miles, which was pretty awesome. People talk about sociable running being good for people spurring each other on, and I’ve never really bought into that, mostly because running has been headspace for me to enjoy a bit of privacy and alone time.

It was actually tons of fun running with company though. I guess there was some aspect of spurring your mates on, but more than that, having a bit of company was more of a distraction from clock-watching or checking your distance every two minutes. We barely noticed when we’d been travelling 20 minutes, and even though I had to pull the last mile out of the depths of my legs, it didn’t feel as much of a slog as it would’ve done alone.

I’ll definitely be revisiting Clammy Club on the regular, although we might need to rename it something like ‘Drenched in Sweat Club’ if we’re planning to keep this kind of momentum up though…

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