4 Miles, 42.18 Minutes

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 20.17.53

My last run before Event #2, The Cragside 10k on Saturday morning, and what a struggle. Instead of going for the easy option of the Quayside, I stuck to Scotswood Road to try and get some ups and downs in my legs. My intention was to get 5, maybe 6 miles in if I could, but my frequently-lamented knees had other ideas. I got about two miles in, and I knew I was going to be lucky to do 4, which I just about managed to drag out.

I’ve already had to start making allowances for my knees in my training, ‘cos I’ve been getting a concerning amount of aching from them after runs. Instead of doing three runs a week, which was my preference, I’m having to conserve them by doing one or two (theoretically longer runs, but that wasn’t the case today).

The weird thing is, the pain alternates – One time I’ll get grief from the right, the other it’ll be the left. I’m guessing that’s just a case of me compensating for the painful one, and putting the other one under strain, but it’s pretty annoying.

Whatever happens, I’m getting through Cragside, and I’ve got zero intention of letting my knees curtail my mission for this year.  (Knee chance of that – WHEY!) The pain is frustrating, and a bit worrying, but for now I’m going to try and moderate my training to let my knees rest as well as they can between runs. Quitting isn’t an option.

Music: Los Campesinos! – Hold On Now, Youngster

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