4.87 Miles, 55.16 Minutes

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 20.31.07

Having really bigged up the benefits of running with a group a couple of weeks back, it’s perhaps inevitable that my next ‘Clammy Club’ session would be more of a struggle.

For whatever reason, my legs didn’t really fancy it tonight. Maybe I’m not fully recovered from Cragside on Saturday, maybe the excessive amounts of beer and takeaway I’ve allowed myself since then have taken their toll, but tonight wasn’t my night.

It’s no biggie though. I’ve learned that I’ll have off nights, but the important thing is to just keep pushing myself. It’s tempting to get back out there at the weekend, but knowing my legs (and particularly my knees), I’d probably benefit from waiting ’til I’ve recovered a bit more.

Ideally I’d like to do two more runs before my next event, which is the North Tyneside 10k on Easter Sunday. That’s one I’m looking forward to a lot, because that’s my neck of the woods, and who isn’t fond of the seaside?

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