3 Miles, 29.48 Minutes

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 19.07.00

A busy week has meant that tonight was always likely to be pretty much my only opportunity to get a run in before Event #3, The North Tyneside 10k on Sunday.

Given the general flimsiness of my legs these days, I deliberately didn’t exceed three miles so as not to mess myself up for the weekend, but I kinda accidentally ran a really fast pace (for me). 3 miles in under half an hour is pretty good going by my standards, so I was pleasantly surprised.

I initially only started fast simply because I had to leg it when crossing the road outside work at the beginning to avoid getting mowed down, but I guess I inadvertently kept that going for the duration of my trek up Scotswood Road. (A route chosen partly to get some hills in my legs before Sunday, and partly as a bit of early prep for the Blaydon Race in June which will be Event #4).

Sunday is one I’m particularly looking forward to. North Tyneside is my neck of the woods, so it’s not a trip into the unknown like Cragside was. I’ve hinted at it before, but as the son of a Shipyard worker, I love being by the sea or riverside, so this should be a pretty memorable one.

I guess if I wanna do a decent time, I just need to try and get myself nearly run over just as we’re setting off…

Music: Wild Flag – Wild Flag

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