4 Miles, 43.01 Minutes

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 19.55.34

With my momentum having resolutely slowed since the fun of the North Tyneside 10k a few weeks ago, and an event which is really important to me (the Blaydon Race) creeping up soon, I really need to up my game.

Motivation has been in fairly short supply since my slog of a run last week, so in spite of my running kit having been in my bag under my desk since Tuesday, it was only tonight that I was able to haul my old bones out.

Knowing I really need to get a decent session under my belt, I resorted to my go-to running spot down on the Newcastle Quayside, a spot I find as pleasing on the eye as I do on the legs. It didn’t bode well when the heavens opened just as I stepped out of my car, but to be honest the rain was quite refreshing and it didn’t feel like too much of a hardship once I get myself moving.

As it turns out, it was a pretty fun work-out. I accidentally slipped into a reasonably swift pace from the off, in spite of having told myself I was going to take it really leisurely. I didn’t really feel myself burn out though – I naturally slowed a bit as it went on, but even though I was mega-sweaty and my legs felt weary, there was a strange degree of comfort to tonight’s run.

I feel so good after tonight, in fact, that I’m actually considering heading out again tomorrow (I hardly EVER do two nights in a row).

That’s worth a sponsor, right?

Music: Pulp – Different Class

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