5 Miles, 52.11 Minutes

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 19.48.48

It’s been a strange old day. Last night’s dreadful news has hung heavy in the air, occasionally punctuating the general feeling of gloom with sharp shocks as more sad developments emerged, to the point where anything else feels a bit trivial.

I was in two minds as to whether it might be a bit crass to post an update on something so banal as how my run went and how I’m feeling about my running progress. In the end the idea that we should carry on living our lives as normal, no matter how much other people want us to live in fear is what won out.

So I’ll go no deeper than that into what has happened in Manchester other than to offer my unwavering empathy and solidarity to its people, because I’m not clever enough or sensitive enough to say any more. Besides, you’re obviously here to read about a fat bloke and his battle with ropey knees rather than nuanced insights into the human condition.

For what it’s worth, I guess we can officially say I’m on a roll with my running now. I’d been looking forward to getting out again for the first time since Friday, and tonight was enjoyable. It’s looking unlikely I’ll do the three runs I’d hoped for this week, but if I can get out on Friday and do another 4 to 5 mile stretch, that’ll still be a decent outcome.

My legs have been feeling really strong this week, and I’m putting it down to being a bit more disciplined with my protein intake. I’ve been meticulously troughing two shakes a day, and I think it’s making a difference – I could definitely feel the benefit as I was striding out.

I got to three miles in less than half an hour (which is very quick indeed by my standards), and while I took two short walking breaks, 52 minutes is still a really good time for five miles for me. I realised when I was done that I’ve surpassed 1000 miles of running since I took it up three and  half years ago, which is a nice milestone. As such, I finished the run with a hell of a feeling of well-being, which was a timely reminder of why I do this.

Do what you love and be kind to people.

Music: Manic Street Preachers – National Treasures

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