2.14 Miles, 21.33 Minutes

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 20.25.24

After a week of hotel living (which I find not particularly conducive to being a finely-tuned athlete), tonight was never going to be a record-breaking effort. Add to my recent lethargy a heady cocktail of heat and humidity, and you’ve got the ideal scenario for a disappointing run should I choose to see it that way.

However, I went into it with a pretty philosophical mindset. In my head, tonight was simply about getting out and doing a run. Once the old legs got a-pumping, I decided to just get a couple of miles in and to consider it mission accomplished if I could do them in decent time.

Treating that as my goal, I’d have to say it was a pretty successful trip out – A shade over ten minutes a mile isn’t to be sniffed at in this heat. The key now is to build on it. If I’m being brutally honest with myself, I’d have to say I’m not really where I’d like to be from a fitness perspective at this point of the year. The year as a whole has had plenty of steps forward but too many steps back, and I really need to try and eradicate those if I’m going to have a decent crack at the Great North Run and the Morpeth Half in September and October.

Who knew that having two kids and a demanding full time job would make it hard to find the time to run?!

Music: Martha – Courting Strong

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