2.5 Miles, 26.23 Minutes

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 20.38.35

“With a walk that chimes like church bells from all these loose joints in my legs”

There’s a little Los Campesinos! line to start you off. It’s resonated with me for a while, not just because the song it’s pulled from is about how sad football can make you, but also because my legs do genuinely feel like that sometimes – Like they’re rattling and clanking every time I walk, and there’s a risk that one day they’ll just fall apart completely and leave me sprawling on the floor like some kind of amorphous mess.

Okay, that’s a touch dramatic, but my knees in particular have been feeling a bit like there’s a bolt or two which could do with tightening. It’s not exactly hurting me at the moment, but I’m feeling the odd bit of discomfort, and I’ve learned the hard way that when this happens I just need to listen to my ageing body and not push it to silly degrees.

I needed to get some miles in my legs, but I resolved to keep it short and casual when I stepped out (besides, I had way too much to do when I got home to spend too long out there plodding through the puddles separating the Tyne from Scotswood Road). It was challenging enough, and given the messages my legs were sending, 10.33 per minute is decent enough and actually matching the pace I made when I covered a mile more on Sunday night.

I’ll not beat myself up too much for not covering as much distance as I’d like, but instead let’s call this a nice bonus 2.5 miles before I try and head out on Sunday. At that point, there’ll only be a week until the Great North 10k – the GNR is creeping up!

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Music: The Futureheads – The Futureheads

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