4.0 Miles, 42.52 Minutes

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 20.42.08

When I saw that the weather today was shitty horrible rain, I was actually kinda glad I’d brought my running stuff to work.

I’ve realised recently I love running in conditions like this. I’m not sure whether or not that’s a bit strange? I know most people probably enjoy a nice cooling shower when running, but I well and truly relish it when it’s absolutely pissing down and I’m so wet at the end that I’m not sure what’s sweat and what’s rain.

Thinking about it, that is probably at least a little bit weird, isn’t it? Maybe I’m some kinda rain perv or something, I dunno. Perhaps it’s partly ‘cos I’ve got some good historic memories of doing awesome runs which happen to have taken place in downpours.

It was probably also exacerbated by the fact I knew I was feeling strong tonight, so when I was striding confidently out in the initial stages absorbing the amplified scents of all the drenched plantlife surrounding Newburn Riverside, it felt like the elements were on my side.

Each squelch in a puddle felt like a minor triumph, every probably-not-accidental splashing I took from a car was an act of defiance and finally settling into the foisty sauna of my car at the end felt like a true victory.

Really, this was exactly the kind of confidence boost I really needed on what is realistically going to be my last run before the Great North 10k on Sunday. I’m going into it in such good fettle that even the increasingly fervent aches and pains in my legs don’t feel so important.

You’ll forgive me if I hope for heavy rain this weekend, right?

Music: CHVRCHES – The Bones of What You Believe



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